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There are several other murders near the energy industry that reek of frameups but my biggest allegations leads to Bechtel, to San Bruno to my relatives, alone they are bad things but my position straddles to many cases. Click to learn about similar cases.

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The Duke Energy Murders

Near President Obama

A Strange Accident

In 2004, I endured a truck that was an attempt on my life. In 2016, Governor Brown's Cheif of Staff Nancy McFadden merged with my allegations.

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Four persons connected to one newspaper group near the Mormon Editor who knows the same dead Mormon I know, hmmm...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kinder Morgan Explosion Nov 2004

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination

Witness Intimidation and Witness Termination

By Pete Bennett 

Walnut Creek CA -- A clear reality of my situation is how cases are handled around Contra Costa County. My 2004 arson was witnessed by Danville Police Officer and the Mechanic at Gregg's Muffler in Lafayette CA.

It's been ten years since the 680 arson yet in 2014 while walking between Walnut Creek Police Department and my campsite I'm dodging SL 550 Mercedes while several Walnut Creek Police Officers are positioned to watch me get creamed where Mt. Diablo Blvd meets Broadway.  The timing is relevant as on June 26th 2014 numerous claims were filed against with the City Of Walnut Creek but within a week a car tried to run me over again.

Nearly all Contra Costa County Cities use the same risk management services provided by the Municipal Pooling Authority (MPA) under CSAC using the Joint Powers Authority (JPA).  I've filed many claims on my own because the Contra Costa Bar Association controls the intake referrals and I was summarily told I can't get a referral through them.

Many thanks while the Walnut Creek City Attorney lofts around town persons unknown have been trying to kill me and they tried to killing my sons in 2005.

Please take your time. 

Witness Intimidation

It's happened to me in Pittsburg, Walnut Creek and Danville where I've attempted to litigate.  I sued Danville Building Inspector Gary Vinson Collins in 2006 but my Attorney Sage Sehapi has the shit kicked out of him a during a Walnut Creek Basketball game on Oak Road. 

To Protect and Serve - Please read Color of Law Abuses as per FBI.GOV

The WCPD true to form refused to arrest the suspect sending Mr. Sehapi in circles who being an attorney wanted to sue.   The officers probably obstructed justice by hiding this case from the District Attorney just like Danville Police did with the Bennett/Collins assault but now ten years later we've got murders, arson coupled with the fact that the PG&E Indictment now contains obstruction of justice charges.  Please read how the

Witness Termination

After the Lafayette Police refused to investigate this blogger's July 20th 2011 Hit & Run/Attempted Murder I turned to State Senator Mark Desaulnier who called the Legislative Security Services Threat Assessment Unit (TAU) who interviewed me in Aug 2011 but sadly since then many have died with no end in site. 

I told this unit that I suspect Councilman MIke Shimansky Spinal Meningitis death was not natural.  This information was passed on in Sept 2011 but since then Councilman Bell and Tax Collector Pollacek each succumbed to meningitis but consider the argument of violations of the Geneva Convention. 

On Nov 9th 2004 a Kinder Morgan Gas Pipeline Explodes but few noticed that several persons near this pipeline disaster died. 

The Who Gives A Shit County 

For several decades I've been a lock step battle with the rich and powerful.  I didn't realize how much was being put into trying to take me out until the car zoomed by me on September 28th 2013 but the response from the Walnut Creek Police was pathetic.

I've made numerous attempts to get an investigation started over at least five Hit and Run Incidents since 2004 and the Unionized Agencies have a clear and powerful agenda.

The persons who witnessed my near miss were also recorded by Safeway Cameras where they used their personalized Safeway Stalking Card managed in the Philippines where your personal data is splayed out around the globe.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Testimony ends in PG&E criminal trial linked to San Bruno explosion

Testimony ends in PG&E criminal trial linked to San Bruno explosion

By George Avalos,

Posted:   07/22/2016 02:01:56 PM PDT | Updated:   11 days ago

SAN FRANCISCO -- Calling just three witnesses in a day of testimony, defense attorneys for PG&E on Friday concluded their case in the utility's federal criminal trial stemming from the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion.

Arguing that numerous PG&E employees live near the utility's gas lines, the defense sought to show that company executives and engineers would not deliberately ignore hazards or intentionally operate the pipeline system in violation of federal rules.

Attorneys called as their final witness Calvin Lui, a PG&E supervising engineer in risk management, to testify about a map depicting where utility employees live in relation to gas lines in the area. The map used blue dots to represent the residences of PG&E employees.


NOTE:  I am the former PG&E Contract Programmer.  I remain unpaid, I’ve been beaten regularly for ten years, my clients over 35 years have been PG&E, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, AT&T, SBC Services (AT&T Reverse merger), the yellow area is the so called PG&E HydroStatic testing of L-132 – this document was connected to the PG&E Cover-Up linked to other California Cover-ups.  

On Sept 29th, 2014 someone murdered five members of the Strack Family.  That day three beautiful children lives ended – they were my nephews where I can paint connections to the murder of the wife CNN Attorney Daniel Horowitz where investigators convicted Scott Peterson, Scott Dyleski who happen to know CEO Steve Burd, attorneys representing Safeway, Albertsons, LLNL, PG&E but you can research the rest @


The PG&E pipeline blast hole on Glenview Dr. is photographed days after the blast which occurred on Sept. 9, 2010. (Photo courtesy of the Hensel family)

But the testimony appeared to be undercut during cross-examination by prosecutor Hallie Hoffman. Lui was unable to confirm top PG&E executives or supervisors lived near the gas lines.

"No, I don't personally know where all my co-workers live," Lui replied in response to prosecution questioning. "I don't know who all these people are or where they live."

Another defense witness, David Harrison, a longtime PG&E employee in gas systems, testified that the utility undertook numerous pressure tests of its system, including Line 132, the pipeline that blew up in San Bruno.

Harrison's testimony was intended to buttress the company's assertion that it hasn't been ignoring threats to the system and conducted pressure tests to help spot defects or weaknesses in pipes.


Under cross-examination, however, Harrison testified that one of those pressure tests was conducted on Line 132 on Sept. 9, 2011 -- exactly one year after the explosion. The blast killed eight people and leveled a residential neighborhood.

San Francisco-based PG&E faces 13 criminal charges in the case, including 12 counts of violating pipeline safety rules and one charge of obstructing the investigation into the explosion. PG&E has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. If convicted on all the counts, The utility faces a fine of up to $562 million.

PG&E made a series of "deliberate and illegal choices" and subsequently covered up those decisions, in actions that led to the explosion, prosecutors said in opening statements.

But defense attorneys countered in their opening statements that individual employees and executives at PG&E are not guilty of any criminal acts and did their "level best" to operate the system safely and efficiently.

In addition, numerous PG&E executives who were called to testify said during the defense's cross-examination that they never deliberately or intentionally sought to break federal pipeline safety rules and that they did not intentionally attempt to mislead federal investigators.

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Tuesday, and the case is expected to go to the jury sometime next week.

Contact George Avalos at 408-859-5167. Follow him at

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Attorneys sum (SCUM) up cases in PG&E trial linked to San Bruno explosion

ScreenshotAttorneys sum up cases in PG&E trial linked to San Bruno explosion

By George Avalos,

Posted:   07/26/2016 02:37:21 PM PDT | Updated:   33 min. ago

SAN FRANCISCO -- A prosecutor and a defense attorney painted sharply different portraits of PG&E's actions in the years before and the months after a fatal explosion in San Bruno during closing arguments to a jury on Tuesday in the embattled utility's criminal case.

A federal prosecutor claimed in his closing arguments that PG&E made a series of deliberate choices to break pipeline safety regulations as well as to intentionally obstruct an official government probe into the causes of the blast, which killed eight and leveled a San Bruno neighborhood in September 2010.

"PG&E is a company that lost its way," assistant U.S. attorney Jeffrey Schenk told the jury in his summation of the government's case against the utility. "For years, PG&E forced engineers to act more like business people than engineers. They made decisions to maximize profits instead of prioritizing safety."

A defense attorney, however, countered in his closing arguments, that PG&E employees and executives didn't intentionally violate the law.

"Nobody at PG&E is criminal," defense attorney Steven Bauer told the jury. "These are decent people, competent engineers, just trying to do their jobs."


Prosecutors have maintained that PG&E officials and engineers were well aware that they were skirting federal rules by deliberately spiking pressure on their older and more fragile pipelines and intentionally not undertaking relatively costly water pressure tests on pipelines as a way to determine the safety of the pipes.

"The engineers were not confused," Schenk said. "They knew the differences between what the regulations were and what they were doing."

Defense attorneys, though, have countered that PG&E engineers were wrestling with a bewildering array of federal rules about what sort of tests to apply to pipelines in the company's aging system. Bauer argued that the prosecution failed to show a pattern of criminal conduct.

"What is this case about? It's an elaborate second-guessing exercise," Bauer said. "The employees never intentionally and wilfully violated the rules."

The day included not only the closing arguments, but also a lengthy hearing that involved sparring between the prosecution and the defense prior to the jury entering the courtroom. The judge decided to recess for the day before defense attorney Bauer had completed his closing arguments.

U.S. District Court Judge Thelton Henderson said he would consider a prosecution motion that the jury be shown photographs of the explosion prior to the start of deliberations. The jury could get the case on Wednesday for its decision.

The utility has been charged with 12 counts of breaking federal laws, including one allegation that it obstructed a National Transportation Safety Board investigation into the explosion and 11 charges that it violated pipeline safety violations.

PG&E has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. If convicted on all the counts, PG&E faces a fine of up to $562 million.

Contact George Avalos at 408-859-5167. Follow him at

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Indict PG&E @pge4me @JudicialWatch @HouseBenghazi @fbi @chp_hq @senfeinstein @SDUTmcdonald @ConsumerWD

Indict Them For Murder of my family

BI: PG&E exceeded legal pressure limits in numerous pipelines

By George Avalos,
Updated:   07/20/2016 04:00:32 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- PG&E spiked the pressure beyond the maximum allowed level on numerous pipelines and was aware of defects in several pipes -- including the one that failed in the San Bruno explosion -- according to an FBI agent who scoured company records after the disaster.
The utility also was unable to provide investigators with required pressure test records on several lines, the agent testified Tuesday in the company's federal criminal trial.
Separately, PG&E provided federal officials investigating the explosion two different versions of its policy on pipeline pressure spikes, documents showed.

File photo: Burned out automobiles caused by the PG&E gas explosion on Glenview Drive, in San Bruno, Calif., on September 11, 2010.
File photo: Burned out automobiles caused by the PG&E gas explosion on Glenview Drive, in San Bruno, Calif., on September 11, 2010. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group archives)
The evidence submitted on Tuesday appeared to bolster prosecutors' allegations that PG&E violated pipeline safety rules before the blast and subsequently obstructed the National Transportation Safety Board's investigation.
Prosecutor Hartley West asked FBI Special Agent Sandra Flores what her review of PG&E pipeline records revealed. The records showed a manufacturing defect in a segment of Line 132, the pipeline that ruptured beneath San Bruno, Flores testified.  Eight people were killed and dozens of homes were destroyed in the ensuing explosion.

Additionally, Flores testified that she discovered pressure test reports did not exist for numerous pipelines throughout the Bay Area, including segments in or near San Jose, Sunnyvale, Woodside, Newark and Pittsburg. Records also were missing for a line near Aptos High School in Santa Cruz County, she said.
Flores said her review found 196 pipe segments with "active" manufacturing defects. For pipelines installed before 1970 -- such as the ill-fated Line 132 -- federal rules allow operators to set the maximum pressure at the highest level that was used in the pipes in the previous five years.
But the same federal rules also require any lines in which the pressure has spiked above allowed levels -- no matter how tiny -- be tested with water at high pressure. Those tests cost much more than the relatively inexpensive inspection of external corrosion on pipes, a method preferred by PG&E.
After the explosion, PG&E scrambled to comply with an array of data requests for the NTSB probe. The utility initially gave federal and state investigators one version of its pressurization policy that indicated PG&E spiked pressure on lines by as much as 10 percent over the legal limits.
Later, PG&E attempted to dismiss that letter as a draft document that was never in effect. The characterization of the document as an unapproved draft of a program is a key element in the prosecution's obstruction allegation.
San Francisco-based PG&E faces 13 criminal counts, including 12 alleged violations of pipeline safety rules and one that it obstructed the NTSB investigation. PG&E has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and could be fined $562 million.
Contact George Avalos at 408-859-5167. Follow him at
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

DATA BREACH @ @pge4me @JudicialWatch @HouseBenghazi @fbi @rawstory @senfeinstein @SDUTmcdonald @ConsumerWD

A Murder Near Presidents

JoBenet Ramsey
Ashley Turton well known Congressional staffer but few known that her husband Dan Turton was President Obama's gatekeeper.  Her tragic death leads to Duke and Progress Energy who coincidently like PG&E retained G4S which is the Omar Mateen Orlando Shooter.

Bleeding For PG&E

In July 2011, CHP Officers arrested me for PC-270 (Child Support) as ever since my truck exploded in 2004 I've had endless attempts on my life. No one listened and for over two years I begged for help from Senator Feinstein then one day G4S emerges. 

Former Duke and Progress Enegy Lobbyist

There is no reality to events around me.  Accidents, arson and fires. 

Pete Bennett in Feb 2011 received a call from Paul Reddit of Ravenel Inc then located in Roswell GA.  By the time the engagement was done Bennett was jail, his car totaled in Lafayette CA, his sons gone and then Captain Tim Schultz was looking to shoot Bennett dead.

Mugged Walnut Creek CA Feb 2016

Bleeding For PG&E

In July 2011 while working as PG&E Sub Contractor my car was totaled Lafayette CA - I've blogged those facts a long time ago on Contra Costa Watch

Unpaid former PG&E Programmer

There is no reality to events around me.  Accidents, arson and fires. 
Incident Map reflecting PG&E related incidents but not all.  
This map details events between Feb 2011 to August 2011 where Bennett faced Captain Schultz, Sgt. Mike Chan and Officer Gina Staddler (A good officer)

06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Checklists and Templates
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06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Environmental
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06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Hydro-Test Program Process Manual
06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Hydrotest Google Maps files
06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Hydrotest Program Presentations
06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Incident Command System (ICS)
06/22/2013  04:28 PM    <DIR>          Master Test Plan-Profiles
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06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          Site Locations _ Emergency Facilities
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-1 - L021A
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06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-101 1816-01
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-109 L-148
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-11 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-12 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-13 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-14 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-15 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-16 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-17 L-105N
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-18 L-107
06/22/2013  04:29 PM    <DIR>          T-19 L-114
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-2 - L101
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-20 L-131
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-21 L-131
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-22 L-131
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-23 L-131
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-24  L-132
06/22/2013  04:30 PM    <DIR>          T-25 L-132 

@G4S @SenFeinstein #deadwitnesses @deadbanker #orlando

The Orlando Shootings revealed endless global connections to G4S Global Security whose business footprint dovetails into my allegations about PG&E, Albert D. Seeno, Bank of America and AT&T where along my journey was the realization that a command and control center was fully operational with operatives deployed around the globe.

I was right but this entity was elusive, shadowy and mysterious until Omar Mateen opened fire.